105 Franklin St, South Hill, Virginia

Christmas Poinsettias 2018

South Hill United Methodist Church

Christmas Poinsettias 2018

The poinsettias are given to the glory of God

And in loving memory of…

Frances & Joseph Binford, Sr. by Bob Almond, Family Friend

Joe Binford, Jr. by Bob Almond, Family Friend

Michelle H. Bishop by Gavin L. Honeycutt

B. D. Burnette by Dot Burnette & Family

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Cox and Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Gregory by Glen & Denise Cox

Charles H. Crowder, Jr. MD by Wife & Children

Charlie & Marguerite Crowder by Debra & Spencer Crowder

Rebecca “Becky” Lennon Crowder by Her Family

Kay Dunn by Bryant, Kathy, Paige, and Kaitlin Reese

Lewis & Betty Furches by Debra & Spencer Crowder

H. Randolph Holmes by Jean Holmes & Family

James G. Honeycutt by Gavin L. Honeycutt

Charles Lambert by Evelyn Lambert

Heath A. Lewis by Lane & Carolyn Wagoner and Ski & Amanda Shook and Cameron & Jaxton Shook

Lee Nicholson by Evelyn Lambert

William & Oneida Pritchett by Ann Gauchat

Luther & Claudia Thomasson by Jean Holmes & Family

Dorothy Vaughan by Gavin L. Honeycutt

And in honor of…

Shirley Carrillo by Patsy & Glenn Watkins and Willow & Isabella

Susan Carroll by Rick Carroll

Mary Coulter by Betty Mac Gregor

Jimmie K. Crowder, Jr. by Gavin L. Honeycutt

Helena & Hilary Hettich by Katherine Crutchfield

Pastor Brian Siegle by Gavin L. Honeycutt

South Hill UMC Choir by Gavin L. Honeycutt

Parker, Matthew, Connor & Madelyn Thomas and Kristian Wesley by Ann & Ray Thomas

Jessica Sterling, Amelia Ann, Leah Clarke, Rafferty Montague, Caroline Clayton by MeMe S

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