Christmas Poinsettias 2018

South Hill United Methodist Church

Christmas Poinsettias 2018

The poinsettias are given to the glory of God

And in loving memory of…

Frances & Joseph Binford, Sr. by Bob Almond, Family Friend

Joe Binford, Jr. by Bob Almond, Family Friend

Michelle H. Bishop by Gavin L. Honeycutt

B. D. Burnette by Dot Burnette & Family

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Cox and Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Gregory by Glen & Denise Cox

Charles H. Crowder, Jr. MD by Wife & Children

Charlie & Marguerite Crowder by Debra & Spencer Crowder

Rebecca “Becky” Lennon Crowder by Her Family

Kay Dunn by Bryant, Kathy, Paige, and Kaitlin Reese

Lewis & Betty Furches by Debra & Spencer Crowder

H. Randolph Holmes by Jean Holmes & Family

James G. Honeycutt by Gavin L. Honeycutt

Charles Lambert by Evelyn Lambert

Heath A. Lewis by Lane & Carolyn Wagoner and Ski & Amanda Shook and Cameron & Jaxton Shook

Lee Nicholson by Evelyn Lambert

William & Oneida Pritchett by Ann Gauchat

Luther & Claudia Thomasson by Jean Holmes & Family

Dorothy Vaughan by Gavin L. Honeycutt

And in honor of…

Shirley Carrillo by Patsy & Glenn Watkins and Willow & Isabella

Susan Carroll by Rick Carroll

Mary Coulter by Betty Mac Gregor

Jimmie K. Crowder, Jr. by Gavin L. Honeycutt

Helena & Hilary Hettich by Katherine Crutchfield

Pastor Brian Siegle by Gavin L. Honeycutt

South Hill UMC Choir by Gavin L. Honeycutt

Parker, Matthew, Connor & Madelyn Thomas and Kristian Wesley by Ann & Ray Thomas

Jessica Sterling, Amelia Ann, Leah Clarke, Rafferty Montague, Caroline Clayton by MeMe S

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