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the vine

The Vine

April 29, 2018
Jesus said "I am the true vine." that keeps us centered on God and nurtured. What fruit are we producing?

The Shepherd

April 22, 2018
Jesus called himself the "Good Shepherd". But what does that really mean?

Why Are You Startled?

April 15, 2018
Jesus appears to his Disciples after Resurrection, and seeks to move them from fear to belief.

Gideon Presentation

April 8, 2018
Special service featuring the ministry of the Gideons, International.

Who Are You Looking For?

April 1, 2018
Easter Celebration with a message focusing on the question Jesus asked Mary at the tomb after his Resurrection.

March of the King

March 25, 2018
Everyone loves a parade. But what if the one in the parade is not who you think?

Know Me

March 18, 2018
Jesus really wants us know know him.

The Light

March 10, 2018
Jesus is the true light that illumines the darkness. The trouble is that sometimes we like the dark...

Cross is Foolishness

March 4, 2018
The cross makes no sense, until it does.

Counting the Cost

February 25, 2018