August 19, 2018
Jesus is the Bread of Life, but not the same type of bread we eat. His is different, eternal, and yet approachable.

Live with Love

August 12, 2018
Love or fear? Which drives our decisions? Paul urged the church in Ephesus to put aside nasty behavior that calls names and points fingers and live with God's love as…


July 29, 2018
God's inbreaking into creation always creates not just enough, but plenty, despite our attempts to control God. This service also has special musical guests, B, B, & B.


July 22, 2018
We are called to recognize citizenship in God's Kingdom through and because of Jesus Christ himself. All other barriers and divisions are not important in comparison.


July 15, 2018
God given us rich blessings, and in inheritance, not because we've earned it, but because he loves us.

Sent Out

July 8, 2018
Jesus wasn't accepted in his own town. Those who know us best and longest sometimes cannot accept truth from us, especially if it is a change for us. We need…


July 1, 2018
Jesus was not distracted by worldly values.  Maybe we need to, at times, allow ourselves to be distracted from our plans by God's interruptions, instead of us being distracted from…
broken hearts


June 10, 2018
Jesus warns about division, applied to our daily battle between godly and demonic.  Sometimes in our troubled world, it's hard to tell the difference.
Clay Vessels


June 3, 2018
Our treasure is not us, but God's Spirit within us. The message is important, not the vessel that brings it.
The Holy Trinity


May 27, 2018
Our obligation to Christ as opposed to our obligation to the flesh (world). Explained within the context of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). on this day of celebration…