Water and Spirit

January 13, 2019
Jesus was baptized. Why? A profound look at what baptism may mean as a statement from Christ himself.


January 6, 2019
The magi came to worship Jesus, and their lives were changed. So can ours be. But we can also experience God through others: we don't hold some secret ability to…

Christmas Eve 2018

December 24, 2018
Christmas Eve Carols, Communion, and Candlelight service.


December 23, 2018
Wonders definitely are part of Advent and Christmas. The question of the hour is, "Why not God?"


December 16, 2018
Judggment in Advent? Yes, with a tinge of hope!


December 9, 2018
Messengers from heaven bring Good News. The role is now ours. Tell of Good News of great joy to all people!


December 2, 2018
We want clear signs, especially about the "end times." But what if we're looking at it all wrong?

He is Coming

November 25, 2018
Christ the King? What does that mean? And if he's coming, then what?


November 18, 2018
What we perceive as ending is just the beginning for God.

The Small Bible

November 11, 2018
Of all the passages in the Bible, John 3:16 is one of the first many people know. And it's a good one, because it captures the Bible in one verse.…